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Plates For Ball Bearing Manufacture


H.K. Founders produce flashing, grinding and lapping plates for use throughout the world.  Cast iron is the preferred medium in H.K. Founders' own grades to meet market needs such as fast cutting, long plate life, ball size or ball materials.

Plates are available for a range of MACHINES in a variety of sizes.

Additional aids to ball productivity such as soft inlet WEAR BARS also available.

These are produced in Cast Iron to our own specifications, with both material and hardness being specified to suit customer specified parameters such as ball size, and preferences towards cut-rate or plate life.

Customer specific designs are also produced.

Plate designs can be modified to customer requirements, including modification for wear bars.

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Unit K, Soloman Road, Cossall Industrial Estate, Ilkeston, Derbyshire.  DE7 5UA. England.

Telephone: +44 (0) 115 930 7515.  Facsimile: +44 (0) 115 930 4988. 

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E-mail: Sales@hk-founders.co.uk


Geis vertical spindle        Geis horizontal spindle        Koehler        MPB/MRB/MLB

Messerschmidt            Noonan        Chinese Flashing m/c        Nishida


Geis Vertical Spindle - Click for Large Image

Geis vertical spindle                                                   Return to  MACHINES list

For 400, 440, 720 and 920 sets with rotating closed plate and pocket type fixed plate to lap or flash.

Geis Horizontal Spindle

Geis horizontal spindle                                             Return to  MACHINES list

Parallel gap style fixed plate and closed rotating plate for flashing JGS 900, 813 or 606.  Guide plates only for grinding 813 dia.  Fully machined and ready for grooving.

Koehler Gap

Koehler                                                                         Return to  MACHINES list

Parallel gap style with and without tie bar in sizes 24", 30" and 36" for flashing and lapping, as sets or single gap for grinding.  Fully machined or semi finished version available.


MPB / MRB / MLB                                                       Return to  MACHINES list

Sets supplied with alternative thickness 78mm or 100mm.  Grinding gap plate version also available.  Tie bars optional.

Messerschmidt Gap

Messerschmidt                                                           Return to  MACHINES list

Various angled openings for the SFM top plate and standard rotating plate supplier in materials to suit ball size. SLM sets also available.

Noonan Ring

All positions of gap centre line and jaw width supplied in 36" dia with corresponding rotating plate for flashing.  Single gap guide plate for any configuration.

Chinese Flash Gap

Chinese Flashing m/c                                               Return to  MACHINES list

Chinese vertical spindle flashing or lapping sets supplied 800mm dia.  Un-machined recesses in the bottom plate give three point mounting.

Nishida Gap

A wide range of Nishida style flashing, grinding, G1, G2 and G3 or lapping L1 and L2 sets supplied as 700 and 760 dia.

Wear Bar Gap - Click for Large Image

WEAR BARS                                                                  Return to TOP OF PAGE

Either as soft cast iron or plastic.  A strip of material across the inlet face of the gap reduces ball damage.  Re-grooving of inlet machining time is also reduced.  The original gap opening remains with part of the plate cut back to accommodate this feature.